Training Demo Samples for eLearning and mLearning 

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Featured Training

Our featured training helps provide insight into how an effective and interactive elearning and mLearning environment can be achieved. They are free and we welcome your feedback on how to improve the overall learning experience. The featured training for this quarter is titled, "Cyber Defense Checkup" and can be located by clicking the "Training Work Samples" button.
Rapid eLearning Training

We rapidly produce, and publish customized training content to meet your organizations needs. Through the delivery of our just-in-time training solutions, we deploy the latest information in innovation of the desired subject matter and its associated technologies.
Mobile Learning

We help organizations take the next step in elearning by taking traditional desktop courses and transforming them into bite size content delivered through an mlearning environment. Mobile training programs are flexible and very cost-effective in meeting the unique needs of your organization.

Training Home

Gabriel Enterprises is a premier provider of organizational, professional development, and technical training for federal state, and local businesses. We provide a comprehensive suite of blended learning and interactive courses to help a company’s workforce build the skills necessary to compete and succeed in a competitive global market.


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  1. A. Gush (Visitor)

    Excellent information. I agree that the mobile application of learning is a bit tricky. To your last point, I agree it is important to know what devices your audiences are using, but we should keep in mind that we are not limited to those devices. I think there might be a way to cost justify the purchase of a device for all or a group of employees. For example, a mobile application could potentially result in significant savings or earnings and therefor the cost to purchase a specific mobile device may be justified.

  2. So what does 1 hour of training or eLearning really cost you?

    The True Cost of 1 Hour of Learning - Infographic
    Leanforward – eLearning Solutions

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